Jess Cerra grew up with a passion for all adventures outdoors, in the mountains of Montana. Upon the completion of her M.S. in Exercise Physiology at San Diego State University in 2007, Jess first connected with riding mountain bikes. In 2008, Jess began competing on the XTERRA off-road triathlon circuit. After winning the XTERRA Amateur National Championship in 2010, Jess raced her first professional season in 2011. In 2012 and 2013 Jess switched her focus to the USAC Pro Ultra Endurance MTB Tour.  

After being diagnosed with iliac artery endofibrosis in 2012, Jess underwent a procedure to repair her right iliac artery, and began racing road bikes to get fitness back.  Through this journey, Jess discovered a new passion and talent. After a successful amateur year in 2014, Jess joined the UCI Pro Continental team Twenty16 Ridebiker for the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

In 2017, Jess will join UCI Pro Continental team Hagens Berman Supermint. Additionally, Jess will proudly return to her off-road roots with Magic Cycle Works, on a custom steel all-road bike, along with becoming a SRAMbassador. Jess is beyond excited to merge her two passions into the 2017 seasons and grateful for the support of these sponsors.

Aside from racing, Jess is an accomplished personal chef, and her recipes are featured in Triathlete Magazine, as well as weekly on their website. Jess is also co-founder of JoJé’ bar, a gluten-free, non-GMO energy bar that is fresh baked to taste like a cookie, but designed with the science of performance in mind to fuel high level and recreational activities alike.

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Steven is originally from southwestern Pennsylvania but moved quite frequently in his youth. This has remained a constant throughout his life and when asked the question of "Where do you live", the answer is not so straightforward. The time of year changes his location often. He races a full-time National Road Race Season from mid-April thru the end of September, traveling all over the US, while simultaneously racing the marquee Gravel Races in The States and hopefully adding Europe in 2017. During his off-season, he works for The Cycling House as a Head Chef & Guide. The larger part of this time is spent at their location in Tucson, AZ, where Steven is able to achieve quality training all morning long, after which preparing a late lunch and evening meal for 20+ people everyday. 

His journey to cycling is about as straightforward as his address. In high school and college, he was a competitor in both swimming and Ice-Hockey. After 2 years of college Ice-Hockey, he realized the NHL was a no-Go for him, so he changed his life and moved to San Diego, attending SDSU. Here is where he discovered triathlons and was moderately successful. After a few seasons of racing, privately sponsored by Spy Optics, Steven began to realize his affinity for bicycles. It was a combination of enjoying "the bike" much more so than the other two disciplines, as well as not being so bad on two wheels. The love for the bike began to grow and the switch was solidified after a charity event for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which entailed a little ride from San Francisco to San Diego. This and the ownership of Spy Optics changed hands, bringing in a rad owner (Michael Marckx) who started a Road Team.
Fast forward a few years, Many different teams, race seasons with over 75 races in one year, lots of travel, and experience in cooking, nutrition, training, and having become known as a reliable product tester in the industry; He is set to represent his 3 Core Relationships in 2017:

The Cycling House
Centric Bikes- Road Race Team
Magic Cycle Werks- All Road Custom Steel Beauties

Rider, Racer, Chef, Product Tester & Developer, Writer, Personal Trainer & Coach