Greg White - Chief Craftsman

For more than 150 years, bicycles have brought beauty, motion, and function to riders around the world. From their earliest conception, bicycles inspired movement.  Magic Cycle Werks believes that today isn’t much different from decades past.

Greg White, the founder and Chief Craftsman for Magic Cycle Werks, brings a rare combination of hands-on manufacturing and welding skills, creative vision nurtured by a successful Hollywood cinematography career, and now as the force behind Magic Cycle Werks.

Based out of Bend, Oregon, Greg is retired from his European cycling career, but rides daily on his own handcrafted Magic Cycle Werks bicycle.

In his own words:

“Making frames gives me a chance to call upon all of my background experience, from using a torch, to precision work, to communicating and collaborating with every customer to design their dream frame.  Film taught me the power of collaboration, but frame building lets me seize on that opportunity.”